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Paleo Protein Flavor:

FIT TRAINER isn’t your typical workout formula… it’s much more. FIT TRAINER is a complete workout system designed to amplify your workouts and enhance your performance in the gym, while providing benefits unlike other pre-workouts to help you achieve the muscular, sculpted body you desire. FIT TRAINER activates multiple biological processes during workouts, including neurotransmission (FOCUS), central nervous system stimulation (ENERGY and FAT BURNING). Peak muscle contraction (POWER), vasodilatation (PUMP) and lactic acid buffering (ENDURANCE). These physiological benefits will help you train harder, faster and longer, while experiencing stronger muscle power, pumps and muscular endurance.


PALEO PROTEIN offers one of the most advanced, highest quality protein formulas available. Designed for serious bodybuilders, competitive athletes, cross-trainers and Paleo dieters, this cutting-edge formula gives you a high value protein that tastes great! Using only all natural flavors and sweeteners, PALEO PROTEIN makes a delicious great tasting shake you can enjoy drinking. Packed with muscle building protein, PALEO PROTEIN is the all natural, sugar free, fat free, lactose free and gluten free smart choice protein supplement for you!


ACTIVITE - Formulated specially for athletes, Activite™ delivers a full spectrum infusion of “activated” vitamins, amino acid chelated minerals and high ORAC antioxidants for improved muscle recovery. Another key feature is Anabolase™, the patented interactive food optimizer that helps maximize carbohydrate, protein and fat utilization for gains in lean muscle, energy and endurance.


OMEGA STRONG - Triple strength OMEGA STRONG is ideal for advanced athletes and workout enthusiasts. Is super purity and potency helps you maximize recovery and support a healthy inflammatory response to training, as well as enhance cardiovascular health and overall performance. OMEGA STRONG is more than three times as concentrated in omega-3 fatty acids as traditional fish oil supplements. Each serving (two soft gel capsules) contains an equivalent amount of omega-3s as one serving of wild cooked salmon.


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