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PROBOLIC-SR is the world’s first combination protein supplement of its kind, formulated to provide fast, medium and slow releasing proteins in one advanced formula. The combination of these precise muscle building proteins provides far greater anabolic and anti-catabolic benefits than any other single protein supplement. A recent landmark clinical study confirms thatPROBOLIC-SR is an incredible 7X more anabolic than whey when consumed post-exercise! PROBOLIC-SR also features a sustained release Micro-Feed Technology that provides a prolonged delivery of highly anabolic amino acids to the muscles for up to 12 hours.

Clinically Tested Protein Blend

  • 7X More Anabolic Than Whey
  • 12 Hour Muscle Feeder
  • Increase Muscle Building
  • Speed Recovery

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Derek McGuire, 08/18/2015

MHP Product reviews

This is a review for the chocolate Probolic-SR protein powder from MHP. I noticed this protein was different from most others right off the bat. Probolic-SR protein powder contains fast, medium, and slow release protein all in one. Normal whey protein only lasts in your system for approximately 3 hours, while Probolic-SR protein is a sustained released protein that lasts for around 12 hours. Probolic-SR protein powder is also Gluten Free, which is a plus for people with Celiac. Above all, Probolic-SR protein powder’s taste is superior to any other protein I have used, and let me tell you, I have tried them all. Its like having dessert! I often make a shake as a meal replacement and add dry oats; after blending, the shake keeps a thick consistency, and doesn't separate. I mixed with water or almond milk and they were both great. All in all, this is now my new go-to protein powder and I can’t wait to try the other flavors !

Reviewed by Juan Cordero, 05/22/2012

Excellent!! This stuff really works. Quick note on this product: you still feel the protein in your mouth after 6-8 hours of intake and after have eaten different type of food. This product does the JOB!!

Reviewed by Budi, 01/28/2012

great for bulking....

Reviewed by IMAN, 11/25/2011


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