Omega Strong - Fish Oil
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OMEGA STRONG is ideal for advanced athletes and work enthusiasts. Its super purity and potency helps you maximize recovery and support a healthy inflammatory response to training, as well as enhance cardiovascular health and overall performance.

OMEGA STRONG is more than 3 times as concentrated in omega-3 fatty acids as traditional fish oil supplements. Each serving (2 softgel capsules) contains an equivalent amount of omega-3s as 1 serving of wild cooked salmon.

OMEGA STRONG is made using a multi-step process involving high-vacuum molecular distillation. This process both concentrates the fish oil and effectively removes impurities. Tests are routinely performed to confirm OMEGA STRONG's purity to ensure tah it remains fresh over time.

Triple Potency Fish Oil Formula

  • Rich Source of EPA & DHA Essential Fats
  • Supports Cardiovascular & Joint Health
  • Improves Recovery & Performance
  • No Fishy Smell, Taste or "Fish Burps"

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nick DelGrande, 12/12/2013

Great Fish Oil. I take omega strong every morning and you can actually notice a difference in the inflammatory response. You don't get any of those nasty fish burps. Its also easy to take; only 2 tablets is equivalent of eating 1 serving of wild cooked salmon. To make it even better it has triple the potency of EPA & DHA for better over all result. Differently recommend this fish oil to anyone who hates taking fish oil or someone looking to start.

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