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• Backed by more than a decade of evolutionary bench work and published scientific research showing it can truly reduce human myostatin levels!

• Clinically tested and shown to suppress myostatin levels in 100% of the human test subjects in scientific research study. 

• Manufactured using a proprietary High Grade Handling process and contains a magnified concentration of 80 proteins, 700 peptides and numerous biologically active growth factors.


See What Top Athletes and Bodybuilding Authorities Are Saying About This Myostatin Inhibition Breakthrough!

“A significant breakthrough for bodybuilders looking to increase muscular performance." - Muscular Development 

“A monumental advancement in performance nutrition. MHP is once again leading the industry into a new frontier."


Clinically Tested Myostatin Inhibitor

  • Build Up To 8 lbs. of Muscle Mass
  • Gain 4X Greater Muscle Thicknes
  • Inhibit Myostatin by 46%

“I’ve never experienced anything like MYO-X. It really helped me in my comeback to competitive bodybuilding!"

- Victor Martinez, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder


"MYO-X played a major part in my supplement program, which helped me win the 2013 World's Strongest Man title!”  

- Brian Shaw, 2x World's Strongest Man



Reviewed by R.S.Z, 06/19/2013

I have been on MYO-X for 2 months and the MUSCLE and STRENGT GAINS! Are PHenomenal I have put on around 9 Ibs at least once month And I have got the beast gains from doing what the probodybuilders Are doing And this is the same thing I do I thake a scoop around noon.I work out 2 hours later. And thin whin It is bed time. By this time the MYOSTATIN LEVELS drop avg 46% .And at this time is whin musclebulding start.AT it strongest time. P.S stay with one scoop that way maby BIG BRother will stay away from MYO-x MHP has done it made one of this yaers beast supplement.....

Reviewed by DFucinari, 04/14/2013

i have used 3 bottles of myo-x and i've put on 7 pounds, adding 2 inches on my chest and 1/2 inch on my arms. my 6 rep max for squats has gone up 50 pounds. this product really helped me bulk up my trouble areas.

Reviewed by Reggie, 04/02/2013

This product as become one of my new favorites and a staple for me...well worth the money.

The pass 80 some days, I have put on a little more than 6 pounds of lean muscle. My recovery time has decreased and my strength has increased.

I think one of the keys, is run MYO-X long term...the longer I take it the better results I get.

MHP has done an outstanding job!

Reviewed by Beau Holden, 03/31/2013

This is a great product! In close to three months I gained 20lbs and then began cutting while still on myo-x, let me say this has been the most successful clean bulking I have ever had. The taste of myo-x is amazing and with results like this it honestly would not matter what it tasted like. My recovery has been increased and my strength has gone through the roof! This is a great product for those trying to bulk, cut or just add strength!

Reviewed by Ronald, 03/29/2013

Strength gain while cutting cals is unheard of, MYO-X is a dream come true!

Reviewed by Jerry Totin, 03/29/2013

This stuff is amazing, really helped me increase my muscle mass and stay lean. Worked Wonders with my Pre-Contest Prep. I competed in the 1st Annual Phil Heath Classic on March 16th. I will continue to use this product for sure. I NEED MORE GAINS! I got the Competition bug :) See you when i'm bigger than nature intended.

Reviewed by Dono Tippett, 03/29/2013

I have been using Myo-X for 169 Days, currently on bottle 6 of this stuff. What can I say? IT WORKS! I have been in a 1000 calorie deficit since May 2012 and this has added muscle size and tremendous increases in strength the entire time! Highly recommended! Its safe, effective and it works! Dr. Colker is a genius and MHP is the bomb!

Reviewed by Don Craig, 03/28/2013

You know you have a good product while cutting and your strength is Still going up as well as muscle size! love myo-x!

Reviewed by John C., 03/28/2013

Great Product! I like to mix 1 scoop in my Power Pak Pudding or plain fat free Greek yogurt.

Reviewed by Saquan Godette, 03/28/2013

Absolutely impossible to go wrong with this product. MHP practically hit the nail on the head. Myo-X is an amazing supplement that partakes in slowly dropping ones myostatin level which in return allows ALL KINDS OF GAINS. I have been using it for the past 3 months and i have seen dramatic improvements. I have gained 5 pounds of solid fuller harder muscle. You should workout after 12 hours of consumption which is when you myostatin levels will be at its lowest points. Of course you must eat right and workout in order to see the progress. Would recommend anyone that wants to build more muscle or for those who are hard gainers to definitely give this stuff a try.

Reviewed by Travis Ray, 03/28/2013

This product is great. It cut my recovery time greatly and made my workouts very intense. You must take it for at least 3 weeks. It took me awhile to really start feeling this stuff, but once I did the results were amazing. I have been taking it for almost 3 months now and have put on 15 lbs of muscle and cut at least 10 lbs of fat. The thing I liked about this was I could just take a scoop of the powder and put it in my mouth without mixing it in a bottle. This made for very quick and easy servings. I really noticed how much this product benefited me when I started to cut carbohydrates. My workouts usually suffer, but while I am taking MYO-X they stayed very intense and made dieting much easier.

Reviewed by Jermaine Buck Scott, 03/26/2013

First let me start by saying it tastes Phenomenal! It tastes like a Vanilla Marshmallow If eaten plain. I also like mixing it in with my shakes in the morning. My weight has gone up a pound and a half from 220lbs to 240lbs but i am actually leaner. All of my lifts were up this week and felt easy. My recovery has been better too!!!
MHP has Outdone themselves with Myo X!

Reviewed by RaShane, 03/26/2013

I have been on product for 2 months. I have gained an inch in my arms and chest. Reduced waist by 2 inches. Helps improved my recovery and i feel fuller in my upper body. Takes about 3 weeks before you start to feel the results. do measurements before you start the product.

Reviewed by, 03/26/2013

AWESOME! I waited until I used the product for at least 2 months before writing a review simply because I wanted to ensure it was the real deal. I love this stuff. I have been catabolic while preparing for an NPC Show this weekend, but have been able to maintain far more muscle mass and actually INCREASE strength. I know this because I am competing in a powerlifting meet the following week and my Deadlift has increase 25 pounds over the past month, while dieting. Myo X seems to have phenomenal anti-catabolic effects. I have it a 9 because Ye product is expensive, but absolutely worth it I'd you were going to spend anything on supplements. Just ensure your diet and training are in line to obtain optimal results. Comtact me at for questions. I'm up 10 lbs from last competition. Season thanks to MHP

Reviewed by Brock, 03/07/2013

I tell you what this products works great. Been on it for a week and I can tell my muscles look and feel fuller. Plus the taste is freaking amazing. I love this stuff. It craves my sweet tooth also. I can't wait until the 3 week mark.

Reviewed by Ray Wilhelm III, 02/05/2013

Unbelievable Myo-x has been giving me a driving force to complete sets in the gym, also have been seeing progress in size and definition in muscle.

Reviewed by Billy, 10/02/2012

This Shit Cray.

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