Dopamite 60 Tablets
60 Tablets
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Breakthrough Dieting Technology!

DOPAMITE belongs to the new class of weight management aids known as dopaminergics. The term dopaminergic refers to anything that involves or is dependent on dopamine. Dopamine is produced naturally by your body and functions as a neurotransmitter. This means that it helps brain cells (neurons) relay messages. DOPAMITE is designed to support the body’s ability to produce dopamine and activate the reward system (a.k.a. “the fat burning control center.”)

Activates Fat Burning Control Center

  • Dopaminergic Fat Burning Catalyst
  • Helps Control Eating Habits
  • Stimulates Fat Burning & Weight Loss
  • Enhances Mood & Energy

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jessica Nies, 07/19/2012

Been using this product for 3 weeks now and down 6 ibs! When taken in the morning before breakfast it is an amazing meal suppressant!! AA++!!!

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