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The best just got better! There are multiple aspects of post-workout nutrition that must be addressed after a high intensity training session for complete muscular and systemic recovery. With each workout, you are breaking down the muscle fibers within the muscle’s cells, leaving your body in an increased catabolic state. If you don’t provide your body with the proper nutrients and essential amino acids that it needs to recover, it will begin to feed on itself, thus negatively affecting your muscle growth. The faster you can get critical nutrients into your bloodstream and muscle, the better.

Sports nutrition experts and bodybuilders have long known that the most critical time to stimulate muscle growth is through nutritional interfusion post-workout. They refer to the 1-hour period immediately after training as the “Anabolic Window.” New and improved DARK MATTER provides you with the opportunity to improve the optimization this “window of muscle growth” by providing you with proper nutrients for greater anabolic growth and recovery.  High-performance athletes and bodybuilders alike will benefit from the anabolic/anti-catabolic benefits of DARK MATTER.

Don’t waste another workout if you want to start gaining serious size and strength. New and improved DARK MATTER employs new technologies and compounds that allow for super-fast nutrient uptake and helps spark a synergistic anabolic reaction during which insulin levels peak with amino acid, creatine and glycogen transport at the “Anabolic Axis.” Chug down DARK MATTER immediately after every workout and introduce your muscles to a new frontier of hyper-growth and recovery.


Every Workout Ends with DARK MATTER . . .

            DARK MATTER is the result of the most recent research on optimizing the post-workout anabolic window to help create substantially greater muscle gains and faster recovery. Research demonstrates the importance of particular supplementation for creating the proper post-workout environment of increasing protein synthesis, spiking insulin, restoring ATP and replenishing glycogen for enhanced muscle growth, performance and recovery. Drinking DARK MATTER immediately after your workout will help create an anabolic muscle building environment so you can get the most out of your workouts and be your best.


Timed Nutrient Infusion Allows for Micro-Nutrient Delivery of New Muscle Building Compounds at the Anabolic Axis to Create Powerful Anabolic Synergistic Reaction!


DARK MATTER provides the powerful nutritional tools you need to stimulate post-workout muscle growth during the precise time known as the “Anabolic Axis.” This is the time and point at which insulin levels simultaneously peak with amino acids, creatine and glycogen transport into muscle tissue during the critical 1 hour period immediately after your workout.


Pro SYNTHAGEN Peptide: Increases Protein Synthesis and Spikes Insulin


ProSYNTHAGEN Peptide is a research based combination of oligopeptides, insulinotropic aminos and BCAAs in a potent leucine loaded 10:1:1 ratio, plus a concentrated source of glutamine peptides. Research shows that this combination of amino acids has powerful effects on stimulating protein synthesis, the release of insulin and replenishment of glutamine stores in the muscle. Additionally, ProSYNTHAGEN Peptide is fine-tuned with a High Velocity Dual Portal Transport for even faster and greater intestinal uptake by combining powerful insulinotropic and anabolic free form aminos with oligopeptides. These unique characteristics help give ProSYNTHAGEN Peptide a potent anabolic effect, which can result in enhanced muscle building and recovery.


GLYCOSACCHARIDE-FST: Amplifies Anabolic Actions of Insulin and Replenishes Glycogen


GLYCOSACCHARIDE-FST is an advanced carbohydrate matrix composed of three functional saccharides to help optimize the post-workout anabolic actions of insulin and reload your muscles with glycogen. This advanced carb matrix of homo-polysaccharide (derived from potato), polysaccharide (derived from low viscosity, high molecular weight osmotic waxy maize starch) and oligosaccharide (derived from Maltoplex-18 glucose polymers) allows for fast gastric emptying, a quick, powerful spike in insulin and enhanced glycogen replenishment. GLYCOSACCHARIDE-FST’s carb matrix was scientifically developed to deliver a nutrient infusion to help elicit a greater insulin response and open the anabolic window faster and keep it open longer.  To further enhance its anabolic effects, DARK MATTER contains a blend of 4-hydroxyisoleucine, chromium picolinate and guanidinopropionic acid to amplify and help optimize insulin – which helps improve insulin signaling and sensitivity for increased anabolic action, nutrient transport, protein synthesis, creatine/nutrient uptake and glycogen replenishment.


HydroSIZE: Multi-Phase Creatine Transport & Cell Volumizing Matrix


To complete our optimal post-workout anabolic infusion, MHP’s research team developed HydroSIZE, which is a multi-source creatine/glycerol complex for enhanced muscle volumizing and bioenergetic creatine loading into muscle tissue. This complex provides the precise amount of creatine in the form of creatine monohydrate, Creatine Magnapower® (as creatine magnesium chelate) and creatine gluconate. This blend is transported in tandem with amino acids and glycogen into muscle tissue during peaks in insulin for the replenishment of ATP and increased muscle cell volumizing.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Iron Man Andy, 08/14/2015

When you those workouts in where you just want to curl up in a little ball and sleep (that's like the story of my life in the gym) and you got to wait till that hearty meal kicks in before you get some of your energy back. Well, I can definitely feel the speedy replenishment which means anabolism and recovery, and those bioavailable carbs and aminos also let me know that my mTor pathway is wide open. I do a whack a meal right after I shoot my dark matter. Of course being a fan of all recoveries, this speedy replenishment is important for me because I train hard, early, and I still have to function all day. I was going to mention the flavor but I had a sip of my my friends Red Bull and that's pretty nasty. MHP the flavor of your dark matter is all good.

Reviewed by Andy H., 03/25/2015

The taste is back! New dark matter formula with the original taste, doesn't get much better than that!

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