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A-BOMB is one of the most exciting developments in the science of muscle growth and performance enhancement. It was a pioneer in supplements designed to help trigger multiple anabolic actions while simultaneously preventing down catabolism (muscle wasting) during and after intense exercise and weight training. Muscle growth and recovery can only occur if the body remains in an anabolic/anti-catabolic state. A-BOMB has been formulated with select performance enhancing compounds, co-factors, amino acids, branched chain keto acids and branched chain amino acids to fuel your body during training and ensure that you remain in this favorable anabolic state for muscle growth, recovery and performance.

Maximum Strength Anabolic Aminos

  • Supplies Critical Muscle Building Aminos
  • Promotes Extreme Muscle Growth
  • Reduces Muscle Catabolism
  • Patented 12-Hour Metered Dose

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